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Split Pea Soup

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the flu season is here! How do I know? I thought it was rather mysterious that so many of my students were missing 4 days in a row of school in September, until I caught their illness, too. So, I decided to share a lovely recipe that is something that I think would be delightful to eat when you feel this bad. I’ll even include a “Make it faster” tip, in case no one will make this for you while you’re sick.

Split Pea Soup

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Bienvenue en France: French Onion Soup

This summer, my husband and I are off to Europe! First we will go to France, so this week, I will share with you my vegetarian French Onion Soup recipe! This Friday, in lieu of a recipe post, I will post the tastiest French food I have eaten up to that point.

French Onion Soup

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Japanese Style Curry

Countries all over the world have their very own interpretations of curry. Japanese curry is always served side by side with rice, and is smothered in a brown, not too spicy, curry-flavored gravy. This curry is usually made with roux blocks (Golden Curry that is marked “No meat contained” is vegetarian). The roux blocks are convenient and make a delicious curry, but they are expensive, you can only get them in Asian markets, and they have tons of preservatives and MSG. Imagine my happiness when I discovered that people have discovered how to make a similar flavor from everyday ingredients! This is my interpretation of Japanese curry.

Japanese Curry

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