The Galettes of Bretagne

Currently, we are staying in Rennes, which is in the Brittany region (Bretagne) of France.

In Bretagne, one of the specialties is galettes, which are buckwheat crepes. Luckily, there are also many vegetarian galette options (though no vegan ones). Here are some of the more delicious galettes (and one dessert crepe) that we have tried.

Goat Cheese and Honey galette

This is one of the first we tried: Goat Cheese and Honey. Quite delicious. Basically, they cooked the galette, then topped it with goat cheese, heated it a little, folded it up, drizzled it with honey, and then sprinkled it with chives. It was super, super good.

Vegetarian Galettes

Today, we visited Mont St. Michel, a monastery surrounded by water. While there, we tried the Vegetarian Crepe. It had mushrooms, red bell peppers, spinach, chives, and creme fraiche. It was very good, and a little lighter than a lot of the other galettes we tried.

Crepes Flambee

Finally, we opted for some dessert tonight. We chose the Chocolate Grand Marnier Flambee. The waiter brought out a crepe filled with chocolate that had been melted with butter, lit a metal cup filled with hot Grand Marnier on fire, and then poured it over the crepe. It was amazing.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the food of France! Join me Tuesday for a Swiss recipe!

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