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Cherry Almond Pancakes

After a long and tiring quest home from Europe, all we wanted was some really good, American-style breakfast. As cherries are absolutely beautiful this time of year, I decided to make cherry almond pancakes.

Cherry almond Pancakes

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The Food of Italy!

Sorry the the delay – I know you’ve all been dying to see the delicious food of Italy!

During our stay in Italy, we tried a variety of pastas, pizzas, and sweets. Here, I have selected my favorite appetizer, meal, and dessert to share with all of you. Hopefully, when we have a working dishwasher next week, I can get into experimentation mode and find out how to make some of these delicious foods, so I can also share a recipe with you! For now, you’ll have to make due with the pictures.

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Sweet Delights of Switzerland

Unfortunately, as Swiss restaurants apparently want an arm and a leg for a meal (really, it was 25-45 dollars a plate), we only ate at tiny cafes and cake stores, and made dinner at our hotel. So, I will focus on the absolutely delightful cakes that we ate while in Switzerland.

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Bienvenue en Suisse: Swiss Cheese Fondue

After spending 2 nights in Rennes and 3 nights in Paris, we are now off to Geneva for 2 nights! In honor of Switzerland, I will share with you my Swiss Cheese Fondue (and an adorable picture of my nephew making it – it’s that easy!) Once again, on Friday, I will post about the delicious food of Switzerland.

Cheese Fondue

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The Galettes of Bretagne

Currently, we are staying in Rennes, which is in the Brittany region (Bretagne) of France.

In Bretagne, one of the specialties is galettes, which are buckwheat crepes. Luckily, there are also many vegetarian galette options (though no vegan ones). Here are some of the more delicious galettes (and one dessert crepe) that we have tried.

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Bienvenue en France: French Onion Soup

This summer, my husband and I are off to Europe! First we will go to France, so this week, I will share with you my vegetarian French Onion Soup recipe! This Friday, in lieu of a recipe post, I will post the tastiest French food I have eaten up to that point.

French Onion Soup

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Japanese Style Curry

Countries all over the world have their very own interpretations of curry. Japanese curry is always served side by side with rice, and is smothered in a brown, not too spicy, curry-flavored gravy. This curry is usually made with roux blocks (Golden Curry that is marked “No meat contained” is vegetarian). The roux blocks are convenient and make a delicious curry, but they are expensive, you can only get them in Asian markets, and they have tons of preservatives and MSG. Imagine my happiness when I discovered that people have discovered how to make a similar flavor from everyday ingredients! This is my interpretation of Japanese curry.

Japanese Curry

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Rhubarb, Cheddar, and Goat Cheese Paninis

I have a very prolific rhubarb bush, but I always struggle to think of things to do with it other than coffee cakes and pies. I decided to try putting it in a panini. It was delicious.

Rhubarb Cheddar and Goat Cheese Panini

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