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Welcome to Veggie Conquistadora

Hello, and welcome to Veggie Conquistadora.  This blog is about delicious vegetarian and vegan cooking that is appealing to all.  I cook for my family – my husband, my mom, and my grandma – almost every day.  About once a week, I also cook for my in-laws.  My husband and I are vegetarians, and everyone else is not.  In my blog entries (Mondays and Fridays) I will include photographs, recipes, recipe tips, and my family’s general reactions to the recipes to help you best decide which recipes are right for you and your family.

Some of my recipes are quick and easy (under 30ish minutes, cutting board to table), while others require much more of a time commitment (slow food).  Recipes will be marked accordingly.  Recipes that are vegan will also be marked as such.

I am also in the process of cooking my way across the globe, so some of the posts will be entire meals revolving around a country.  Other posts will be about meals that follow a theme, such as “chocolate” or “beer”.  Other posts will cover single dishes, such as a main, dessert, bread, or soup that we found to be particularly delightful.

I hope you will join me as I plunder delicious food from around the world!  🙂

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